Bollard Post

Bollard Post

Bollard posts are vertical, short, and sturdy posts usually used to control traffic on the road. Some are designed for preventing ram-raiding and vehicle ramming attacks. This was originally seen and used on a ship or quay used for mooring boats. You can usually see bollards on the roads, high traffic parking lots, pedestrian areas on streets painted usually in a bright yellow or orange color, which catches the attention of almost everyone that comes across it. This is because bollards are usually used as a caution sign or something to ward of anything that shouldn’t be in a certain area. They are also used to guide bike paths, drive-through, and toll booths.

Bollards make navigating through the dark easier for drivers, thus helping them avoid a potential accident that they might encounter on the road. Bollards are not only installed on roads. If you look around, you’ll realize that they are all around us. You can see them installed outside malls, schools, banks, airports, and other locations, which are usually visited by people.

What are Bollard Posts made of?

A lot of bollards are made of metal or stainless steel to provide them immense physical strong point that could deter unwanted vehicular traffic and keep the area safe. Some bollards are fixed, some are removable, nonetheless each offering protection against low and high-speed crashes. It also has rust/corrosion resistant finish to prolong its life and withstand environmental conditions. In addition to its brightly painted exterior, reflective tapes are also put in it for increased visibility. Some have a locking system depending on the type of bollard

Types of Bollards

As mentioned before, bollards come in different forms depending on the function and duration you need. Some may want constant protection, while others need a more adaptable option. You get to decide which one you’ll choose that would suit your protection needs.

Here are the three main types of bollards:

  1. Permanent

This type of bollard is suitable for those who want long-term security. This is excellent for zones with high traffic. Since the bollards are directly installed into the ground, it will last there for a long period of time, therefore, preventing future crashes and accidents that might fall upon the site at any time.

  1. Collapsible

This one is suitable for those who want flexible site protection. This type of bollard can be removed from the site whenever the owner wants to. This is for those who allow vehicular or foot traffic inside. This can be easily folded down to allow driving towards or out of the site.

  1. Removable

This type of bollard is ideal for those who want to prevent drivers or people from entering a specific area. This can easily be unlocked and lifted and stored somewhere and install it again when needed.

If you are a site owner, you would want to invest in these in order to protect the area from any accidents from the outside that might cause serious damage to the site.

Bollard Post