Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates

Having an automated gate for your home creates a lasting impression about your style. Some use this for convenience at home while some install this for convenience in sites and private lots. Automatic gates are used for entry in private properties, and it helps control vehicular access in an off-site. Automatic gates can also be installed within a facility like inside a parking garage to separate areas that can be used by the insiders from areas that can be accessed by the public.

The gates usually match the fencing from the sides in order to have a cohesive look. These gates are usually used in commercial applications and are comprised of ornamental irons. For an automated gate to work, a gate operator is needed. A gate operator is a piece of machinery that enables the gate to move whenever needed. It moves the gate in and out of the opening. Different mediums can power these. Some are electrically powered, some use hydraulic, and gears or chains may drive some.

Types Of Automated Gates

There are a lot of options you can choose from, depending on how you need it to function. There are seven main types:

  1. Slide Gate

This is the most commonly used type of automated gate. This gate slides back and forth horizontally. There are rollers under this gate to add support. These rollers can be found along a metal track on the ground. These rollers, however, can be blocked by debris or snow and may cause friction, which makes it hard for the gate operators to open and close the gate. Most manufacturers do not recommend the use of slide gates because of these issues.

  1. Cantilever Gate

This one does not use rollers along the ground for support. This gets support from rails on the inside of the fence structure Additional width, however, is required for it to enable counterbalance. This gate is used for heavy duty industrial gate purposes

  1. Swing Gate

This opens and swings on one side and is used for residential purposes.

  1. Vertical Liftgate

This moves the gate up and down to allow vehicles to pass. This requires tall vertical support towers. However, if appearance matters to you, you might want to consider another option.

  1. Vertical Pivot Liftgate

This gate rotates in and out of the opening of the gate. The appearance of these looks less obstructive compared to vertical lift gates since tall support towers aren’t required. This, however, requires more space beside the gate.

  1.  Bi-Folding gate

Panels of this gate are used in pairs. The two-fold back allows the vehicles to enter. This one is a good choice when your space is limited.

  1. Barrier Arm Gate

You usually see this near railroads and mall parking lots. A vertical barrier arm is used to allow a vehicle in and out.

Before deciding on what gate, you want to have installed, consider your needs and purposes, and research gates to help you make the right decision.

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