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Are you looking for that updated and stylish curb appeal touch that also offers your home and family some much needed privacy in Whitby, Ontario? Do you want a fence that is chic and modern, or a rustic fence that enhances your yard and homes natural beauty? At Whole Sale Fence Canada, located in Whitby, Ontario, we have the solution you’ve been looking for. We have several different types and styles of fences, all ranging in looks, but not quality. All of our custom privacy fences are made of the highest quality materials, making them a durable and long lasting privacy fence. Whether you’re looking for posh and stylish, or rustic and natural, we have exactly what you’re looking for at Whole Sale Fence Canada, in Whitby, Ontario.

Our custom wood fences are some of the best privacy fences on the Whitby, Ontario market. They are all made of high quality, durable wood, and each one of our custom wood fences is pressure treated. By being pressure treated, our custom wood fences are made to withstand and last against any kind of corrosion and rot. Our custom wood fences come in the options of 4×4 paneling or 6×6 paneling, both types giving your home in Whitby, Ontario all the privacy you need. If you’re looking for quality custom vinyl fencing wood fence privacy fence Whitby ON for your home in Whitby, Ontario, than look no further!

At Whole Sale Fence Canada in Whitby, Ontario, we also have custom vinyl fences. Our custom vinyl fences are stylish and unique, durable and quality made. Each one of our custom vinyl fences has an easy-maintenance aspect about them, making our custom vinyl fences one of the best on the Whitby, Ontario market. Our custom vinyl fences also come with a gorgeous lattice, giving your home and yard in Whitby, Ontario not only privacy, but style as well!

At Whole Sale Fence Canada in Whitby, Ontario, we have several different types and styles of custom privacy fences, making us the best privacy fence company on the Whitby, Ontario market. If you’re looking for style, curb appeal, and privacy, than make sure to check out our custom privacy fences!


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